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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

People said I was born from my mom womb ....

Not a word ... it was true

When thirsty, who breastfeed me .... Mom

When alone, always beside me .... Mom

She said, the first words that I say .... Mom

When i wake up, I'm looking for .... Mom

When crying, the first person to come .... Mom

When i want to rub, I sat next to .... Mom

When upset, which can be sought only .... Mom

When the rogue, who scolded me .... Mom

When sulking, that sought to free .... Mom

When you make a mistake, the most quick-tempered .... Mom

When frightened, that I'm calm .... Mom

When i want to cuddle, I like hugs .... Mom

I always thought .... Mom

When excited, the first person to tell me .... Mom

When the wide-open, I like the nauseating .... Mom

If scared, I always call .... "Mmaammma!"

When ill, people are most worried about .... Mom

When i want exam, most people are busy too .... Mom

When i do things that upset me once .... Mom

If there are problems, the most worried about .... Mom

The still hug and kiss me until today .... Mom

who is always cook my favorite food.... Mom

Always store and pack my stuff .... Mom

Always praise me .... Mom

That is always my advice .... Mom

When to marry .. The first person I show my mom and see ... ..

I have a life partner ....

If sad, I'm looking for .... Mom

If failed, I told the .... Mom

When grieving, I cuddled close .... Mom

When she celebrate mothers day .... I can only say "Happy Mother's Day"

Think of this story:

"When you have finished studying and working ... Can you send money to mom? Mak is not going to a lot ... even fifty dollars a month is enough. "

Shattered tears when we heard it ... ..

But if the mother is gone ... ..


How many are willing to feed her ....

How many are willing to throw his mother wash his ... ..

How many are willing to replace his mother's diaper ... ..

How many are willing to clean up her stool ... ..

How many are willing to remove the maggots to clean wounds and sores her mother ....

How many are willing to quit his job to take care of his mother ... ..

and finally, how many prayers for his mother ....

A child who is busy getting his mother preparing dinner in the kitchen and then stretch a piece of paper written. The mother immediately welcomed hands on the apron sheet given by the child and then read it. Wage costs to help the mother:

1) go to shop: RM4.00

2) take care brother: RM4 .. 00

3) dispose of waste: RM1.00

4) clean room: 2.00

5) flush rate: $ 3.00

6) sweep garbage: $ 3.00

Total: RM17.00

Finished reading, she smiled as he looked at the child of a hovering, hanging his mind. The mother reaches a pen and scribbled on the back of the same paper.

1) Cost pregnant for 9 months - FREE

2) The cost for care of burning the midnight oil - FREE

3) The cost of the tears that drip BECAUSE - FREE

4) Cost of trouble because worried bout you - FREE

5) The cost of providing food, clothing, and your need-FREE

Total Value of My Love - FREE

Tears of the children tear after reading what is written by the mother. The child stared at the face of the mother, hugged him and said, "I love Mom." Then the child took the pen and wrote "Paid" written on the same page ..

dear my lovely mama Pn.Hjh Salmah.thanks for're the best mama i ever had.Happy Mother Day mama,ILOVEYOU so much.

to all Mother's in the world . Happy Mother's Day.