Cause you're the apple to my pie You're the straw to my berry You're the smoke to my high And you're the one I wanna marry

Saturday, March 5, 2011

fallin love with PARIS

hey assalamualaikum :)
sihat tk , sihat tk ?
hee im fine thanks you

oke today event for fotografi tu kena cancel dorg ckp di tunda for tomorrow
then mlm tdi finally bnde tu cancel jgk..
sbb bdk tk cukup ade 12 org je..lead ckp bdk tk cukup so nk bwt night shoot kne tmbh RM50
errr..duit duit duit ?
da tkdo duit da pyh pegi lahay..
mama sibuk ajak balik PD..
cause aunty nie suruh tlg die..
esok ade mama kena tlg..
aunty aku nie mengelabah sikit..
tk thu la programe ape..yg aku thu 1 malaysia je kot..
sbb bdk sch rendah semue ade..melayu,india,cine,lgi tk thu --'
btw rumah dekat sane tu nk bwt homestay da..
now cousin tgh make over..haha..

i want go to PARIS

*PARIS 7419 mi

im fallin love with this tower..can anyone bring me there ?

* For heightened emotions, it all starts with the climb!
  •  From the very moment you climb the stairs to the first floor, you feel as if you’ve embarked on a fantastical journey. And what a way to end it, when you reach the top in the lift! 
 *When it lights up, it evokes your inner child!
  • Sitting in the Trocadero gardens, are just like children waiting for fireworks to start. And the moment it starts glittering,all hear that wondrous "ah". all become children again! 
 *To see it in real life is not the same as seeing it on postcards!
*Viewing Paris from a different angle… 

  • What a magical moment to see Paris from the top of the Tower! Everyone gets an eyeful: it’s spectacular and romantic at the same time! felt  the whole city belonged to me.
*Celebrating  wedding anniversary on the Tower was very moving!
  • OMG this the best part :) of course it sweet and romantic..awwww 

*prices to visit  EIFFEL TOWER :)

i just say to mama that i want to stay at PARIS.
she say nk bwt ape dekat sane?
 *i dont know maybe works there.bhahaha

ade cousin kea dekat sane?*tanye mcm wartawan je
*tkdla..tpi nk jgk stay sane.i want buy house there :) *high dream

mama pelik gela bile aku ckp bout bnde nie..
pehal ttbe anak dare aku sorang nie ckp nk stay dekat PARIS nie..

i want study fotografi at PARIS..
*ehh jauhnye nk pegi sane semate2 nk study fotografi?

yeah why not?
*malaysia da tkde tmpt kea nk study?
haha..malaysia tkde EIFFEL TOWER..
dekat malaysia ade KLCC je --'
*now aku fallin love dengan PARIS so bring me there..
i give big hug :) hehe