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Thursday, February 24, 2011

paper easy today :)

hey assalamualaikum :)
ok today paper for KH and BI easy for me .
yeah but MATH take time . i dont know how much i get for MATH..
hopefully paper for today i get A..
oke goodluck for all student..
today im the new teacher for my class..haha..
all boy student dont know how to culculate bil?
so i teach them how to culculate bil..
from desk to desk..
act it easy but a little bit confius..
haha..yeah boy student ask me
when the paper start..
*ehh wany jawapan tu kasi la sikit?
haha..haiyoo --' comfirm u are not study .
tomorrow only SENI yeah it too and too easy for me ..
i choose topiq
*hasilkan satu corak ulangan yg sesuai dijadikan langsir bilik tidur kanak2
it easy right?
all student can do that..
so why not i choose that..
and leave the difficult one..
 right now im read for 
until the end u will get *8A+ haha..