Cause you're the apple to my pie You're the straw to my berry You're the smoke to my high And you're the one I wanna marry

Monday, February 28, 2011


hey assalamualaikum..
berdiri nye saya di sini,ingin memberi tahu anda anda anda sekalian .
yang saya amat dan tersangat la sedih .
grrrr --'
oke i know i already try my best for this paper . but what i get is not what i want.
yeah congrats tu who get A for this paper
chill wany chill..nextime ade more hard oke..
mama suruh aku masuk form6..
lol lambat lagi la..haiyoo --'
tomorrow paper BM and GEO :)
only 3paper more that exam finish..
yabedabedu :)