Cause you're the apple to my pie You're the straw to my berry You're the smoke to my high And you're the one I wanna marry

Saturday, January 8, 2011


you?you sht?you da mkn kea blm?..b dmm i tk elok2 lgi..batuk makin teruk mlm tdi bdn pns gela..ssh nk nfas..ltk mnyk puns still ssh nk nfas auh..blm pegi klink lgi..ubt 1 puns blm mkn nsi puns..mnum air je auh..b i rindu suare you auh :( i nk dgr suare you.. miss you alot b..i always wait you b..sblm tido i msty tgk pic you dlu..i tw you always ade dgn i..ehh you take care kt sane tw b..ILOVEYOU mirul syafiq..